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Accessible Design Studios is a commercial design firm servicing the Atlanta Metro area and beyond. We specialize in the design of beautiful and functional corporate offices, medical offices, med spas, and commercial amenity spaces. Our services include renovations, new construction, and tenant build-outs.

We provide the following comprehensive services that encompass the entire design process, from conceptualization to project management and procurement:

  1. Tailored Interiors with a Conceptual Focus: Our specialization involves crafting interiors that are customized to match our clients’ precise requirements and visions. Our emphasis on “concept-driven” solutions, guided by overarching themes, guarantees a cohesive and distinct visual style for each project.
  2. Efficient Design and Procurement Process: We provide a streamlined design process that prioritizes efficiency and simplicity for your clients. This entails well-defined steps for selecting and acquiring the necessary furnishings, materials, and decor elements for each project. This ensures a smooth and timely progression of the design.
  3. Comprehensive Documentation: Thorough and meticulously organized documentation is a cornerstone of effective design. This encompasses detailed plans, specifications, drawings, and other essential documents that steer the construction and implementation of the design.
  4. Project Management Proficiency: Successfully managing an interior design project involves orchestrating various tasks, timelines, and stakeholders. Our firm excels at overseeing all aspects of the project, from the inception of the design to its final execution.

Our approach seamlessly integrates imaginative design with effective project management, allowing us to provide a comprehensive service that transforms unique concepts into reality, all while ensuring a structured and orderly process for our clients.

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