Furniture & Accessories

Interior Design - Decorative Services = Interior Decorating Services

Decorative Services

Items that are not permanently affixed to a building and are consequently easily removable from their respective locations

We handle the behind-the- scenes coordination with vendors and warehousing companies to help you to get your project finished on time and in budget.

ADS is well versed in equipment, fixture, and furniture, comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability standards required to obtaining the best value while maintaining life safety code requirements and design intent.


Typically include:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Free-standing equipment, such as copiers
  • Window treatments
  • Area rugs and entrance mats
  • Floor and table lamps
  • Artwork
  • Plants and planters
  • Decorative accessories


3 scenarios:

  • ADS acts as a reseller of goods when we create the purchase order, accept delivery, coordinate the installation, collects money from the client, and pays the vendor.
  • ADS acts as the purchasing agent on behalf of the client when we write and submit the purchase order to the vendor, follow up on the order, and coordinates delivery and installation.
  • ADS acts as the owner’s representative when we give the product specifications directly to a dealer or manufacturing rep, who then creates the PO, arranges delivery, and bills the client directly for payment.



  • ADS will act as the owner’s representative
  • Assists owner in coordinating schedules for delivery and installation
  • May recommend the owner reject unspecified or damaged products
  • May authorize and approve small change orders if they don’t affect cost or delivery delay
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